KinesioTape, Can it help you?

Kinesiotaping is one of the treatment technique developed by Dr. Kenso kaze, DC, which is commonly used as adjunct for treatment, of soft tissue injuries mostly in orthopedic, neurological and medical conditions, most widely used by PT's, OT's, DO's. This technique is most popular among sports injuries. Kinesotape as the name says kinesio means movement and tape; referring to application of tape without limiting the movement. Unlike other traditional taping techniques, kinesiotape mimics the quality of skin and muscle (elastic and stretchable). It has a properties of hypo allergic-latex free and heat activated adhesive. It can last for 3-5 days without worrying about temperature or water. Most common benefits of kinesiotaping are to re-educate muscles, reduce swelling, pain and bruising; promote healing, blood circulation and lympathetic drainage. It also helps to prevent injuries and enhance performance with early mobility. Precautions to application of kinesotape are; diabetis, congestive heart failure and fracture. Contraindications are malignancy, infection, cellulitis, DVT and open wound. Please talk to your healthcare provider, if you are a candidate for application of kinesiotape before applying, as proper evaluation is deemed required for clinical decision making. DO let your healthcare provider know about your any pre-existing condition before application of the tape, that can assist in clinical decision making.

By Jay Patel, MPT

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