National Eating Healthy Day

Today November 5th, 2014 is National Eating Healthy Day! Fortaleza Rehabilitation and Fitness wish to remind all of you reading this post to eat something natural and healthy like fruit or vegetables. Take a minute before you eat and reflect on how this food might nourish or negatively effect your body. Sometimes that moment is all it takes to realize you might be making a bad decision when it comes to your health. On the path to eating healthy and living healthy its important to understand that we must make one minor change at a time for the better. As we change and evolve as do our goals change and evolve. So take it step by step. For example, my first 2 week goal is cut out all carbonated drinks and sodas, drink only water and keep the focus on only this for 2 weeks. For most, to cut out multiple comforts at once is too intense and dificult to keep up with no matter how bad we try and convince ourselves we want the change. Understanding we are creatures of habit and breaking the bad habits takes time is extremely important to understand before quitting all our bad habits cold turkey.

So on this wonderful day of eating healthy make the decision to take a baby step towards the large goal of becoming healthier in mind and body. For more tips and information on health and fitness please visit our sites or check out our website

Best in Health,

Jeff Rivera, General Manager/Sports Performance Coach

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